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The true strength of Bee Activator is to create experiential entertainment which contains strong value
towards its target audience. Bee Activator helps client in creating strong concept and coordinate their brand activation, product launch, corporate event, corporate video profile, TV program, photography, and public relations activity.
Here are some activation events created by Bee Activator that have manage to capture the heart of many,
they are Telon Lang Aqiqah Massal, Porche Launch, Aksi Semangat Fatigon, Panasonic Global Awards,
Ferrari Launch, and ASPIRA Tire Mega Record.
Bee Activator has also received many awards, such as: The Most Impactful Brand Activation Award (Gold Winner)
for Dua Kelinci Indonesia Menggiring Bola, The Most Unique Brand Activation Award for Telon Lang Aqiqah Massal,
Rising Star Activation Agency, Indonesia Best Brand Activation for Public in Aspira Tire Mega Record, Indonesia Best Brand Activation for Stakeholder in Aspira House of Star, and The Best Activation for Woman 2013 in Telon Lang - Posyandu Visit 2013.